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Next Gen Cyber Leadership

Coaching for the Next Generation of Cyber Leaders

A New Mindset for Cyber Leaders

Hi, I’m Greg Sweeney. I provide personalized leadership coaching for early and mid-career cyber professionals looking to step into a new, or larger leadership position. 

If that’s you, great! But you need to know this. The success factors are changing. Technical knowledge and skill alone, will not get you where you want to go.

Here’s why:

C-suite executives are reprioritizing a leadership mindset over technical knowledge when considering their next generation of cyber leaders.

A quick glance at the responsibilities of cyber leaders today, shows you why.

  • having a global perspective,
  • aligning the cybersecurity culture to the organization’s strategy,
  • understanding how culture drive leadership, and
  • having a passion for developing others.

Different Standards

If this surprises you, it should!

It’s a stark contrast to the idea that cyber leaders need to be technical experts. (An idea the community has long coveted).

And while today’s cyber organizations still require cutting-edge cyber skills, those are no longer the standards for measuring cyber leaders. Cyber leaders are growing into something more.

Next generation cyber leaders must also be fluent in business accumen. They must be able to communicate cyber-related business cases, in terms executive management know and understand. Because more often than not, they must make their case in a contested business environment, where desire for increased capability can trump the need for security.


Benefits of Coaching

Transitioning from technical expert to business guru, is a critical step for any aspiring cyber leader. Unfortunately there are no “cookie cutter” development paths.

Corporate cultures play a large role in defining how experience, aptitude, and expertise are valued in their cyber leadership ranks.

That’s where cyber leadership coaching can be a strategic advantage.

Leadership Coaching For Cyber Professionals

Coaching is much more of a client-driven process, as compared to other service professions, such as mentoring, consulting and training.

Leadership coaching is based on an agreement between the coach and the client, to enter into a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional leadership potential.

I’ve been leading people and organizations for more than 25 years, with more than 15 of those, as a cyber department head for a Fortune 100 company. I’ve hired, trained, groomed, and developed dozens of tremendously successful cyber leaders.

Is Cyber Leadership On Your Career Path?

If the answer is yes, then I suggest a free, 60 minute discovery call, where we will discuss your background and your goals and objectives, explore common ground, and determine the value of moving forward together.

If you are interested, simply click the button below to get started.

About Me

I have more than three decades of experience providing effective leadership and producing superior results in a wide range of challenging environments. In addition to my experiences as a Marine Corps officer and combat veteran, I have led various sized of cyber organizations, including functional departments with several hundred employees.

My background enables me to understand the personal and professional challenges that cyber leaders face on a daily basis. I bring a wealth of practical, real-life leadership expertise and presence to each coaching engagement and serve as a catalyst to accelerate change and achievement of positive results.

Working with high-functioning, new and experienced cyber professionals, I provide a confidential and thought-provoking sounding board to discuss the challenges they are experiencing. I help them explore opportunities and solutions that will enable them to maximize their leadership skills and accelerate their overall professional development.

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Leadership Coaching Services

It doesnt matter if you are a recent college graduate, an established professional looking to transition into a leader role, or an existing leader who aspires to a larger position. Together we explore insights and strategies that help you reach your goals.

Leading Self

Individual contributors and emerging leaders. 

Leading Teams

Leaders of individual contributors and technical staff.

Leading Managers

Experienced leaders of other managers and senior technical staff.

Leading Functions

Senior leaders of organizational functions or divisions.

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